Antes Muerta que Sencilla Diffuser

Antes Muerta que Sencilla Diffuser

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Scents Available: 

1) Strawberry Champagne Toast 

Top notes: Raspberry, Currants

Middle notes: Coconut; Strawberry

Base notes: Peach, Champagne 

2) El Toxico's Flannel 

Top Notes: Greens, Bergamot, Mahogany

Middle Notes: Spice, Rose, Lavender, Violet, Jasmine

Base Notes: Woods, Musk, Sweet Vanilla, Berry 

3) Euxine Sea 

Top Notes: Citrus, Sea Salt, Ozone

Middle Notes: Plum, Cardamom

Base Notes: Amber, Dark Musk

4) Sugared Crystals 

Top: Black Currant, Strawberry, Raspberry
Middle: Sugar, Freesia
Base: Tonka, Vanilla, Light Musk

 5) First Love 

Top: Grapefruit, peach, Apple

Middle: Cherry Blossom, Hydrangea

Base: Powder, Vanilla

6) Bésame Mucho 

Top: Rosewood

Middle: Amber

Base: Vanilla

7) Enchanted Woods 

Top: Vanilla, Oakmoss

Middle: Lavender, amber

Base: Musk

8) Mango Y Coco 

Top: Mango

Middle: Coconut Milk

Base: Vanilla

9) Cranberry Woods

Top: Cranberry

Middle: Cinnamon

Base: Clove

10) Cinnamon Apple

Top: Apple

Middle: Cinnamon

Base: Vanilla

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