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About Us

Welcome to Morenita Home Fragrances.
I am so glad you are here!
My name is Janet Diaz and I am 28 years old. I'm a full-time civil engineer and I have now found a passion for candle making. I am a first time mom to a handsome baby boy and as a Latina, family means everything to me!
As a child, I danced Danza Folklórica Mexicana which taught me to be proud of and to celebrate mis raíces (my roots). This is how our business name was chosen. It is a representation of who I am and who I stand for. My culture is full of beautiful, bright, and happy colors and I want to convey this through the designs created just for you. 
My love for candles started when I moved away from home to attend college. As a first generation college student and graduate, leaving my home was emotionally difficult as was navigating through college on my own. Burning candles that reminded me of home and my family, gave me the comfort and support I needed when my family was not physically there.
Fast forward to late 2020, as I lied in bed doing some online shopping for candles, I asked myself, "What would it take to make my own candles?" After a massive amount of research I quickly realized that, as a new mom, I wanted to be careful with what I was burning in my house. Candle making gave me the control and tranquility that I needed.
My goal is to create Mexican inspired candles that are non-toxic, environmentally conscious, and chic that not only help you take good care of yourself and all your loved ones around you, but also helps support first generation students by donating a portion of quarterly sales to scholarships.
- Love,
Janet, Founder and CEO