About Us

Welcome to Morenita Home Fragrances.
I am so glad you are here!


My name is Janet Diaz. I am a full-time civil engineer, stay at home mom, and your candle maker.

Morenita Home Fragrances was born shortly after giving birth to my first child, Leonardo. Like many mothers, I began feeling anxious and depressed and quickly searched for a new hobby. It didn’t take long before I fell in love with the craft of candle making and decided to launch my business.

What my business means to me now has gone further than just that. I decided to name my business after my own nickname “Morenita” as a representation and reminder of who I am and who my business and I stand for. Our Latin@ community is very underrepresented in many fields and candle making is one of them.

As a first-generation immigrant, mi cultura means so much to me! With these Mexican candles, I feel reconnected with my roots and my goal is to do the same with our customers. I want to bring a little bit of Mexico to your homes ❤️

All candles are created to be non-toxic and environmentally conscious. Therefore, all candles are made with coconut wax, wood wicks, and non-toxic premium fragrances.

Last but definitely not least, as a first-generation college graduate, I believe in empowering those in the pursuit of their dreams and seeking to enhance the quality of their life through education. Therefore, 10% of sales is donated to first generation scholarships.

Thank you for being part of this journey ❤️

- Love,


Founder and CEO