Candle Refill Kits

Candle Refill Kits

These are microwavable, easy-to-use refill kits for your candle containers. 


Getting the wicks ready...

  • Place wicks in the metal wick clips
  • Peel stickers and stick to bottom of metal wick clips

Make sure container is clean and ready to be wicked...

  • Stick sticker with metal wick clip on the candle container evenly spaced.

Melting the wax...

  • Remove container lid
  • Place in microwave for 1 min and 30 seconds
  • If wax is not fully melted, then add 30 more seconds until wax is fully melted (This can take max 2 minutes).
  • Carefully pour wax. CAUTION, it may be HOT! Do NOT let children touch it.
  • Let wax harden for at least one day .
  • If the wicks are too tall, trim after wax hardens. They must be clipped to 1/8".
  • Let your candle "cure" for at least 3 days before you burn it.